Netflix shows that took me through 2020

Well, I guess all of us have binged on Netflix or any other OTT, relying on them to a great extent to get us through this difficult year. Here’s the list of shows I have binged on and a small account of what I found best about it. The list is in the order of most favourite to least.

  • The Witcher

Might I just say I’ve never drooled over any good looking man as much as I have over Henry Cavil in The Witcher. The completely unusual plot with an unseen time placement brought to life by carefully casted actors kept me hooked until the end and waiting for the next season. What serious levels of content creators these guys are. The lengths they go to in order to make the surreal plots come to life are breathtaking to say the least. I’m easily one of those fans waiting on their toes for the second season.

  • The Crown

The Crown is the story of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain from her pre-coronation days up to quite recent. This show is apparently one of the most expensive shows ever made and I can just see why. For a non-British viewer, the show is a mirror to the very ethos of Great Britain and its political drama for decades. Every man and woman ever considered great by Great Britain and their lives have been presented in the most dignified manner possible. It might seem rather slow for people who usually enjoy just action series, but for the right kind of audience, The Crown is set leagues apart from the commonly seen political dramas.

  • Money Heist

Pretty sure this one needs no description because the world has watched it perhaps three times over. Though an action series (and I’m not the biggest fans of action) what kept me glued to this series like many other fans were the character arcs. Money Heist has amongst the most wonderfully scripted characters ever, and there are so many of them that fans are spoilt for choice of whom to love the most. The world awaits the next season and I’m clearly one of them!

Here’s something I’d written at the time –

  • Lucifer

Lucifer is the kind of plot I love the most – one that combines a supernatural element and mundane human life. The idea of the devil himself taking a vacation in LA and involving himself in police work, falling in love with a detective who later turns out to be a creation intended to cross his path; it’s all something that really keeps my attention hooked. I also had a few curiosities about how conservative Christians responded to the show where Satan was the incredibly hot protagonist with a British accent that women would swoon over. And here’s something I’d written about that –

  • The Vampire Diaries

Yes, I’ve enjoyed the teenage drama even as an adult and I’m completely okay with subjecting myself to judgement. Here again, the plot idea of mixing supernatural element with human life has been played out. The Vampire Diaries show and the guilty pleasure of it are a lot like Twilight and I don’t even deny being obsessed with it. It’s a rather lengthy series with eight seasons but each one has a distinct plotline that is very much appreciable even over the old rules they have played by. Here’s something I’d written about how the show plays by old rules and still wins –

  • The Originals

The obsession with The Vampire Diaries leads you right to the spin off series, The Originals. This show revolves around a family of vampires who appear in the Vampire Diaries but are very different from the rest of the vampires because apparently, they are the originals – i.e., the entire vampire lineage began from them. If it sounds stupid to the radical in you, I recommend you give it a try. The Vampire Diaries and The Originals collectively manage to convince you the plot and if they do not, you’ll perhaps have a good laugh.

  • Gossip Girl

Here I must ask of you – no judgement please. Sometimes all the mind wants is a break from serious content and a series that hardly takes brainwork to comprehend. Gossip Girl is it. It’s light hearted, seriously dramatic, has good looking characters, sometimes pretentious and sometimes just enough deep to take a small dip beneath the surface. Nothing not to like. If it’s interesting to you why I loved it –

I think I must make a list of good movies I’ve watched over the year to clear the judgement about my content preferences in your head rooting from this article. But hey, all creative content’s worth admiration so you can cut me some slack!


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