Kantara – Unapologetically made of Tulu spirit.

I really took my time with this one. Everything has been said about Kantara, the recent Rishab Shetty blockbuster. When there’s a film as successful as this one, I refrain from posting a review because everyone speaks of it and shares their experience of the movie online – it makes me feel like I shouldn’t... Continue Reading →

Mimi – Crossing that average line | Netflix

It’s a positive and a long awaited development that Bollywood is venturing into thematic cinema. Especially into untouched waters with topics like late adulthood pregnancy, same sex relationships and surrogacy. While it still simply cannot refrain from dramatization, the progress is evident and more and more film makers are venturing into socially important themes lately.... Continue Reading →

Parasite | Definitely not a review

I’m usually scared of watching movies that have received as much hype as Parasite has. Four Academy Awards including the fame for being the very first non-English movie to have won Best Film easily catapults expectations to level 1000. I’m just scared that either the work of art will completely go in the opposite direction... Continue Reading →

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