Enola Holmes – My little window to what feminism actually is

For a hardcore fan of the Sherlock Holmes series (the Benedict Cumberbatch one), any new content in the line of the Holmes franchise is a delight. Enola Holmes, in that regard, is an interesting spin-off shedding the limelight on Sherlock and Mycroft’s lesser talked about sister, Enola. Apparently Enola has inherited the same wits as... Continue Reading →

XOXO, Gossip Girl

There’s a very firm and sometimes unproductive pattern in my addiction to Netflix – I always have to end what I begin. No matter how worthless of my time a movie or series might seem, I put in effort to end it and same applies to books as well. For some reason, I don’t believe... Continue Reading →

Indian Cinema and the Academy Awards

One of my students asked me to discuss this topic in class, and I assume it came from the then relevant Bollywood controversy centring the ace music director AR Rahman. The loved musician, commonly known for his dignified and calm demeanour, ended up tweeting against the Bollywood lobby that has been trying to defame him,... Continue Reading →

The Kissing Booth

This is not a review, but just an experience of watching both parts of this widely popular teenage rom-com. For someone who is rather critical of films owing to my area of work, I sure watch a lot of movies and series from this genre without being critical of them whatsoever, because movies like The... Continue Reading →

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