Thanks I guess, 2020.

Thanks I guess, 2020.

For being a year that we’d never thought we’d live through

Driving about changes that the best predictions saw not coming

And uniting a world against what didn’t even meet the eye.

For changing all beliefs of what’s after all important

Disrupting and renewing ideas that so many thought were life-changing

Resetting factory settings on connectivity and family values

And leaving a hangover that’ll perhaps take ages to get over.

For yet again validating we’ll win never against nature

Setting the basic priorities straight for the gazillionth time  

Changing the notions of who after all the real heroes are

And shoving it down our throats that no hustle is what the world stands upon.

For bringing down the arrogant ideals down to its knees

Demonstrating that co-existence is the only key

Unveiling so many ‘new normals’ that we’ve lost count already

And making us live with what we never thought a reality would be.

Thanks I guess, 2020.

Through fear, loss, distance and anxiety we’ve survived you

And now carrying a lasting mark we leave you behind

A roller coaster we hope we never again have to ride through.


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