The Queen’s Gambit | So many levels of admiration

I think its a bold choice on the producers’ and makers’ end to create a show that does not involve action or dramatic controversies, is buildungsroman in nature and where important decisions are made mostly inside the head of the protagonist. ‘Queen’s Gambit’ played the risky game simply by choosing a plot that wouldn’t be... Continue Reading →

For the love of Stranger Things

We’re all web series veterans now with the advent and penetration of OTT in our lives. All of us can pretty much form and express opinions on how web series must be created and what will make them successful in general. And we can guess some aspects that can lead to the downfall of a... Continue Reading →

The Bold Type | Netflix

Women centric shows with woke, success oriented and romantic themes are naturally and wildly popular. The idea of young women being rebellious, beautiful and successful while living through heartbreaks and love interests in an urban setup is a time tested backdrop for a long web series. Throw in some political references here and there, some... Continue Reading →

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