The Queen’s Gambit | So many levels of admiration

I think its a bold choice on the producers’ and makers’ end to create a show that does not involve action or dramatic controversies, is buildungsroman in nature and where important decisions are made mostly inside the head of the protagonist. ‘Queen’s Gambit’ played the risky game simply by choosing a plot that wouldn’t be... Continue Reading →

An ode to the ‘almost anonymous’

In arrived a pen pal of the digital age And now there’s an unlikely friendship I cherish. I know not his necessary whereabouts But perhaps God thought I needed the guardian accomplice. Amidst the essential deliberation He throws in a few existential questions   Ones I’ve never ventured to answer; for I’ve dared not expand... Continue Reading →

Is ChatGPT the end of education as we know it?

Rapid technological advancements that have challenged the norm have hardly been received well. Most of the times the resistance has been well justified because we have to accept that technology advances much faster than ethical or philosophical principles do; and technological power in the hands of an unethical man has always led to catastrophes. Even... Continue Reading →

The academic category

This blog was incepted as a platform for my ideas to take the form of expressions. Over time, I have documented a number of notable experiences that I have come across in life on this platform. More or less, this blog is a biographic one. So I recently decided that like there are layers to... Continue Reading →

Loser’s rant

Does everyone come to terms with lower standards eventually? Or is it just the constantly dejected few? Does everyone realize at some point that life doesn’t at all give everything? Or are we after all to die trying? I did not assume there’s more to the world than dreams and ambitions. Flesh and blood would... Continue Reading →

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