Enola Holmes – My little window to what feminism actually is

For a hardcore fan of the Sherlock Holmes series (the Benedict Cumberbatch one), any new content in the line of the Holmes franchise is a delight. Enola Holmes, in that regard, is an interesting spin-off shedding the limelight on Sherlock and Mycroft’s lesser talked about sister, Enola. Apparently Enola has inherited the same wits as... Continue Reading →

Inflicting insecurity

How is it so easy to inflict insecurity Even in the toughest of minds with foundations of intellect And barriers so high no commoner can impeach It’s still easy to implant insecurity. Post years of perseverance after confidence And endless nights of racing against time for excellence After unseen fulfilment found in what the world... Continue Reading →

For the expressive ones, people's inability to communicate always seems like a lazy excuse to compensate the lack of interest or willingness to exert efforts in a relationship.

Thanks I guess, 2020.

Thanks I guess, 2020. For being a year that we’d never thought we’d live through Driving about changes that the best predictions saw not coming And uniting a world against what didn’t even meet the eye. For changing all beliefs of what’s after all important Disrupting and renewing ideas that so many thought were life-changing... Continue Reading →

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