The Boy in Striped Pyjamas | A misleading experience

The Boy in Striped Pyjamas was amongst the simplest and beautiful books I ever read, that turned out to be the most misleading one after some research. There are controversial books like the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown and others that get banned and whatnot because the author apparently attempts an attack on something... Continue Reading →

The supernatural binge

I’ve always had an inclination for the mystical elements of the world. Even when random people tell me stories with a supernatural edge to them, I make it a point to not simply disbelieve them, because I have this notion that the world is infinite and everything is possible. Who are we to say something... Continue Reading →

Journal entry – Authenticity

I always felt life is so much easier when you're unapologetically, yet responsibly yourself. One social issue I often have is dealing with people who try too hard, albeit unsuccessfully, to constantly hide and miscommunicate parts of themselves to maintain a projected image. How do they manoeuvre through? How do they remember what version of themselves... Continue Reading →

Journal entry – Futility

Does ambition ever feel pointless? Why do we hustle like the progression of the world depends on our performance sometimes? After all, the bigger picture is that we all perish some day and the world moves on without us, no matter how important we assume our contribution to it or to its residents is after... Continue Reading →


‘Indulgence’ is so taken for granted. Complained upon, hated for the pressure it comes with Avoided and escaped oftentimes All so when indulgence is in abundance. And so sometimes it decides to let us be. To let us be, not indulged, to not sense a purpose To soak in the remains of what is left... Continue Reading →

The young protector at the onset of monsoon

(This article by yours truly has been published in Deccan Herald Spectrum on 18th August 2022. Photos taken by Shashikanth Shetty. Screenshot of published article below, gallery of photos at the end of the article.) Traditions of Tulunadu are seasonal and very connected to the demography of the coastal region. The fundamental idea behind all... Continue Reading →

The warrior queen of Tulunadu

Rani Abbakka is the first documented freedom fighter of India (This post is the elaborated version of my article 'The Warrior Queen of Coast who terrified the Portuguese' published in Deccan Herald on 09 Aug 2022. You can read the published shorter version here. This article is the complete version. Featured image credit: Deccan Herald)... Continue Reading →

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