Loser’s rant

Does everyone come to terms with lower standards eventually? Or is it just the constantly dejected few? Does everyone realize at some point that life doesn’t at all give everything? Or are we after all to die trying? I did not assume there’s more to the world than dreams and ambitions. Flesh and blood would... Continue Reading →

Happy birthday, Godsend.

I've written this somewhere here - not to sound elitist but some people are more wonderful than the rest. The mystical elements of the universe that commoners cannot connect to, speak to these chosen ones. And they transmit those surreal discourse to the world through art. Rahman sure is one of them, as he has... Continue Reading →

A letter of intrigue

[This letter was written as a part of self expression sometime during June 2022. It is addressed to a leader and guide who passed away unexpectedly. Dealing with death is certainly a tumultuous experience for everyone, as it is for me. This letter was a part of the mourning process. It is hence deeply personal... Continue Reading →

The supernatural binge

I’ve always had an inclination for the mystical elements of the world. Even when random people tell me stories with a supernatural edge to them, I make it a point to not simply disbelieve them, because I have this notion that the world is infinite and everything is possible. Who are we to say something... Continue Reading →

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