Journal entry – on the driving seat on darker days

Life isn’t too considerate while throwing hardballs at us and leaving us knocked out and clueless at times. It gets us questioning the whole point of existence and the significance of every little thing that we assumed made our lives what they are. No matter the number of options our conscience might present to us... Continue Reading →

Of impulse

Don't we all voluntarily ascend the stairs of despairOr jump the valleys with spiked floors beneathSpeed through the roads to devastationAnd spread our precious wings to frostbiteJust because 'impulsive' is a great feeling? Is impulse the devil's right hand manFor he comes dressed in garbs of appealEntices and blinds us to the obvious outcomesAnd hazedly... Continue Reading →

The bane of awareness

Its an endless succession Of broken things breaking the rest. Of clueless minds leaving all else perplexed And of restless thoughts projecting on unsuspecting friends. Along the way of life framed by self sabotage How many do we heave into the abyss of our mind Those that deserve not to be troubled with our insecurities... Continue Reading →

One fleeting moment

Could she tell you a little storyThat'll annoy you but you'll listen anyway'Cz you know this girl loves youSo you put up with her banter everydayCan she tell you a silly last storyBefore she has to let you away? Would you protect her heart just another dayLike you did for so long until todayThrough her... Continue Reading →


No, love. You haven’t seen me. You’ve seen the version of me that loves you. One that tears up when you don’t meet expectations One that forgives and forgets a hundred mistakes One that never returns the rude remarks And one that has love left in her heart to still shower. No, love. You haven’t... Continue Reading →

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