XOXO, Gossip Girl

There’s a very firm and sometimes unproductive pattern in my addiction to Netflix – I always have to end what I begin. No matter how worthless of my time a movie or series might seem, I put in effort to end it and same applies to books as well. For some reason, I don’t believe in giving up halfway if a work of art seems boring.

Same went with the recent series that I completed – Gossip Girl. This elite teenage and early adulthood drama apparently has a wild fan base that loves everything about this series – from actors to plots to plot holes. While the experience of Gossip Girl isn’t exactly dreadful, I’d say it plays by the same old rules and wins the target group of audience as Vampire Diaries or any other teenage drama series.

 The high class society, couple of outsiders to the high end world who end up entering the world, dramatic love relationships and toxic but firm friendships – Gossip Girl revolves around these plots. Yes, it has played the same old plots the new ways and made sure that the show remains interesting enough throughout – especially for teenage audiences who’d instantly connect to the glamorous and rebellious characters. If not, they’d definitely be attracted to the ridiculously good looking actors who have carried their roles with great dignity.

I cannot be too harsh on Gossip Girl whatsoever despite its multiple obvious plot holes because the drama element combined with interesting twists in story and character arcs did keep me glued to the end. Character arcs are definitely highlight of the show, considering that the lead characters undergo so much without actually losing their initial nature or changing beyond recognition – perhaps other than Chuck Bass. Other than that, few lead characters are scripted to be rather extreme and unreal in nature – which might make them interesting for some viewers but I don’t exactly fall under that category; specifically for a series that revolves around real people and not supernatural ones. Also, the romantic pairs have been mixed and matched so much that practically everyone has dated everyone else in the show – you almost lose track of it.

But yes, Gossip Girl is an entertainment package that is easily a go-to when all you want is to unwind with a show. It’s fun packed, exciting and even disturbing at times – which adds to the appeal of it. I recently watched it so this post is outdated even before its posted because the show ended years ago and there are rumours about a reboot currently doing rounds. Gossip Girl has a serious fan following and the actors are loved around the world. Honestly, it is another show playing and winning by the old rules and it is just amazing that it works out every time on American TV. After all, they know we love them.  

You can read my post on Vampire Diaries here – I’ve written about winning by old rules more on this post.



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