Journal entry – Authenticity

I always felt life is so much easier when you’re unapologetically, yet responsibly yourself. One social issue I often have is dealing with people who try too hard, albeit unsuccessfully, to constantly hide and miscommunicate parts of themselves to maintain a projected image. How do they manoeuvre through? How do they remember what version of themselves they’ve displayed to which person? Why is a facade more comfortable than their own skin? Why is it necessary at all?

I know its a grey area. I mean, we’re all different with different people but at the end, there’s one authentic self that we live with by ourselves. That self being starkly different from our projected social image must be a tiresome maintenance task, isn’t it? Most of us cannot define our own authentic self for we’re constantly on a journey of self discovery. But we can always know when we’re intentionally being someone we’re not.

It really doesn’t last long, that facade. I say that from so many years of experience being a people person. When the cracks begin to appear and the authentic self begins to crawl through, it leaves a trail of broken friendships and damaged reputation. Where do they go for solace then? Who understands their soul enough even to say a few comforting words? Do they regret at all, or do they gather the pieces and build a stronger facade?

Much likely the latter. Well, its a matter of choice anyway. But from where I stand at least, authenticity is easier, and in many ways a better choice of being. It lets you focus on paths for betterment and accomplishment, as opposed to sustaining the projected image. Conventionally a revered way of life.


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