Journal entry – Futility

Does ambition ever feel pointless? Why do we hustle like the progression of the world depends on our performance sometimes? After all, the bigger picture is that we all perish some day and the world moves on without us, no matter how important we assume our contribution to it or to its residents is after... Continue Reading →

Journal entry – Confidently vulnerable

Being defensive really is the biggest obstacle to having a fulfilling life. Most people claim they cannot let their guards down thanks to some insecurity inflicted by some past experience and it deprives them of a lot of fulfilling experiences on the way. Even if not as a result of past trauma, most of us... Continue Reading →

Journal entry – drawn to toxicity

I think there’s a very specific type of personality that is secretly, or even evidently sometimes, is constantly drawn to subtle toxicity. We may or may or not realize it but we always seek what evades us and in turn leaves us hurting. Because that pain is our biggest motivator and we thrive best when... Continue Reading →

Journal entry – accumulated personality

Somedays, you wake up thanking yourself for having pushed yourself to complete things in the past. For having pushed through when your mind did not want to. Little things like completing boring assignments and submitting them on time. Like studying a subject that you knew you would never again venture into in your life again.... Continue Reading →

Journal entry – resisting expectations

It isn’t the best start to the day when you’re reminded of an expectation that someone has of you but it’s something you’re least interested about. Just when you assume you’re happy where you are begin slowing down to enjoy the pace of things, an expectation to soar higher and not remain stagnant is hoarded... Continue Reading →

Journal entry – chasing toxicity!

The brightest, most sorted of minds are perhaps occasionally attracted to toxicity. Makes me feel so much better about myself to know. Being attracted to a feeling of lack induced by something/someone when everything else is seemingly fine is a toxic trait I’ve been long since been guilty of. Worse still, perhaps one I’ll still... Continue Reading →

Journal entry – soul mates

Remember that idea of multiple soul mates in Dear Zindagi? Sometimes it takes a small rejection to realize you’ve always been blessed with multiple soul mates in life and how incredible a personality trait it is to be capable of forming and fostering profound human connections throughout life. Some people, myself included (proudly), are simply... Continue Reading →

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