The supernatural binge

I’ve always had an inclination for the mystical elements of the world. Even when random people tell me stories with a supernatural edge to them, I make it a point to not simply disbelieve them, because I have this notion that the world is infinite and everything is possible. Who are we to say something is a hoax? That something doesn’t or cannot exist because it doesn’t adhere by our norms of logic?

For me, anything is a possibility. All the mystical ideas that have ever been thought of and presented to the world to be discussed or discarded – they could all be true on some dimension. There could be multiple parallel universes where all the fairytales and magical worlds are real; or not. Or we could as well be all alone on this vast wide creation.

It isn’t a surprise that I’m drawn to supernatural shows. There are some really intriguing ones out there, and then there are ones meant purely for leisurely entertainment without much concern over logic. Either way, inclusion of magic and magical beings somehow makes everything more interesting to me.

Supernatural shows
Fate the Winx Saga – A supernatural show on Netflix

This is perhaps so because it is a world of endless possibilities that do not fit the frame of the world that we live in. The canvas is thrown wide open at you to design a world of your own where everything can just happen by magic. There can be creatures and possibilities that exist, otherwise, only in your imagination. For a creative mind, that’s the closest equivalent to a lottery. ‘Magic’ is the super tool that can be used to convince people of the bizarre things in the world that would otherwise be simply not accepted. I guess that’s why there are so many such shows – writers use ‘magic’ as a substitute to logic, which is usually difficult to conjure.

And I’m sure I’m not alone on this plane whatsoever. There are plenty of you out there who enjoy the supernatural binge. We’re a clan alright. Its that fantasy world full of glorious aspects that make our life seem more interesting than it really is. And I’m not ashamed of it; of being a die-hard fan of even the silliest fantasy show.


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