The Princess Switch 3 | Christmas movies on Netflix

It’s the Christmas movies’ season on Netflix and of course, the Vanessa Hudgens trilogy has surfaced with its third part. Now, this is neither a roast of the truly unreasonable plot nor the many clichés that The Princess Switch 3 openly buys into – you’ve probably come across plenty of that already. In fact, from someone who has watched all three Princess Switch movies, this is an official declaration that I’m a sucker for Christmas movies and illogical tales of romance every now and then, no matter the blatant clichés in the plot. Regardless of how much I like to state that I enjoy movies with intense plots, stories and making, The Princess Switch movies were entertaining and I wouldn’t miss it even if there is a fourth part. After all, brainless entertainers that come with at least 15 facepalm moments are what we need sometimes.

There are three random people not directly connected to each other who look exactly like each other in the Princess Switch movies, all played by Vanessa Hudgens. It’s natural that the writers couldn’t resist the obvious temptation of getting all of them to impersonate all others and that’s what the first two movies are about – the chaos and seeming comedy resulting from impersonation. It must be duly noted that Hudgens has done quite a commendable job pulling off not just three different characters that look like one another, but three different characters acting like one another as well. We’re not really giving points to the elements of these movies but if we had to, she’d take the biggest share.

I particularly liked the third movie because they kept aside the obvious clichés of a movie with three identical people and attempted to add a large scale burglary and the recollection of the lost item. Also, they sidelined the two main characters from the first movies and brought the third, prodigal daughter to limelight with an unconvincing, yet driving back story and love story. Vanessa Hudgens has partnered with three different actors as three different characters with dissimilar vibes – I would give her a lot of credit even though I don’t feel generous about appreciating anything else about the trilogy.

Surely, let’s climb off our high horses and admit that The Princess Switch movies have been and will continue to be successful despite what we like to blame them for – unconvincing plots. They check the boxes of Christmas movie requisites and that’s all they’re accountable for. Here’s to more Netflix Christmas movie binging sessions following The Princess Switch.

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