One mistake content creators must avoid  

Writing, or any form of content creation for that matter is way more challenging than it seems – especially when the creator is his/her own harshest critic and has a keen eye for detail. I belong to the category of writers who aren’t easily satisfied with their own work and aren’t at all the type to publish everything they write. This predicament combined with ambition to consistently produce quality content often puts us in a state of what we like to call the writers’ block – for we’re inspired to write but cannot seem to create anything that’s even remotely worthy of publishing. And in such states, we end up making decisions that are sometimes not the best for a blogger who wants to make an impact in the internet world.

They say perfection is a hoax. And that imperfection really is the truest reflection of the personality of the content creator – something that actually sets him/her apart from the rest. This idea, however, is not an easy one to accept and adapt and we end up declining a lot of moments of inspiration their chance to fruition because we don’t believe it’s the ‘perfect moment’. Sometimes it feels like a half baked idea, sometimes it’s not the right time to start, not the right time to post or not the most impressive topic. We lose a grand amount of success our platform could garner to this unreasonable pursuit of perfection.

As of this day and forever from now, the internet is flooded with content that is all levels of excellence. Given this level of competition for the audience attention, the pursuit of excellence is a curse that even algorithms catalyze. The rewarded content creators are the consistent ones, not the perfectionists in this time and age. Sure, there is an audience for everyone – even the perfectionists but it’ll take time to find that niche – and you’ll be lucky if your motivation doesn’t run out before that happens.

Pursuit of perfection is a mistake that content creators must avoid at this internet age. While it is absolutely true that mediocre content won’t take you far, perfectionism will hardly take you anywhere. Consistency on the other hand, with unwavering focus on quality, is the key to internet success. Don’t wait for a better idea when a good one strikes. Don’t make a post schedule for the next month when you have a couple of ideas in hand already. As long as your content can be useful/entertaining to at least a few people out there, put it forth and keep doing it until your platform allows you scope for perfection.


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