Fabricate a story

How elaborate could you fabricate a story

How far could you go to convince the world of your fantasy

How much of that efficiency do you think God bestowed on you

To make people see exactly that parallel universe within you?

Could you fabricate me a story as intense

As elaborate as religions perhaps

As profound as your God and his creation

Or even as detailed as your country with its borders?

As simple as a homework done but left at home

Or as impactful as a promise of fidelity

As invalidated as aliens and gremlins on the window

Or as tangible as the parliament and court?

A white one as a hope of life for one counting days

A dark one as a serial killer’s hypnotizing gaze

Perhaps a story as beautiful as Tinkerbell and Neverland

Or even ones as engrossing as a soldier’s war tale?

Tell me that story you fabricated

The one that keeps you sane

Amidst all the big and small stories we live through each day

Tell me that yet another story today your mind played.  


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