Now you see me 2 | Netflix

You watch Now you see me and movies like that; you come up with phrases like ‘getting back to the boring old normal life after an awesome movie’. Now you see me and Now you see me 2 are mad movies that make you believe in alternate realities that we wish might exist amidst us, within real people we come across every day. They’re so much more interesting than our normal lives, they seem to know things we don’t even fathom and adventures of mammoth scales come seeking them and they make it through somehow without a scratch. The Now you see me franchise has this set of people and more – it has ‘The Eye’ that invisibly stands at the helm of it all.

Who doesn’t love a good action and drama sequence when its accompanied by a brilliant mystery infused story? And when its acted out by amazing, some of the most well known actors in the world like Mark Ruffalo, Morgan Freeman and Daniel Radcliffe? It’s a treat alright to watch them done the hats of magicians employing complex trickery to pull out larger than life spectacles to reach some larger conclusion. And who’s part of which gang and who’s against who, there’s really no saying until the end. Both the movies in the series were equally entertaining and engrossing and I guess that’s an achievement because sequences generally tend to be less awesome than the first.

How much meticulous planning and scripting it must take on the part of the makers to materialize a plot so complex and detailed, is a wondrous thing for me. I’ve always made it a point to appreciate that aspect in similar mystery movies where it is absolutely vital to not leave behind predictive hints for the viewers; nor mess up the explanations for why or how some things happened. To execute complicated plotlines perfectly takes a skilled director and for that Jon Chu deserves all praise. Now you see me 2 on Netflix is, of nothing else, an entertainer that can make you lose track of time until the end. Of course, on a personal level, the conspiracies of The Eye and The Horsemen are notably interesting to me, why is why I seem to love the movie more than the critical audiences did.


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