Secret sunshine

A little ray of sunshine took a form

And enticed, dropped by my shore.

I’ll brighten up your world within, he said

But take me as close you can to your core.

The form he took, as beautiful as it seemed

Scared me for I couldn’t afford to be seen

Embracing what everyone would call wrong

Overlooking how he could transform me serene.

The little ray of sunshine I’ve hidden from the world

As he spoils me each day ever since

With his little tantrums he so lovingly throws

And adorably around my being he consistently swings.

With a voice as warm he sings for me

Generously embracing my vulnerability

Day in and out he casts a spell of a full heart within

And defines to me that what’s passionate beauty.

It’s a little secret I’ll keep guarded eternally

That a tiny ray of sunshine made its way to me

And though he knew he’d never be proudly flaunted

He loved me like it was meant to be.

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