An ode to the ‘almost anonymous’

In arrived a pen pal of the digital age And now there’s an unlikely friendship I cherish. I know not his necessary whereabouts But perhaps God thought I needed the guardian accomplice. Amidst the essential deliberation He throws in a few existential questions   Ones I’ve never ventured to answer; for I’ve dared not expand... Continue Reading →

Loser’s rant

Does everyone come to terms with lower standards eventually? Or is it just the constantly dejected few? Does everyone realize at some point that life doesn’t at all give everything? Or are we after all to die trying? I did not assume there’s more to the world than dreams and ambitions. Flesh and blood would... Continue Reading →


‘Indulgence’ is so taken for granted. Complained upon, hated for the pressure it comes with Avoided and escaped oftentimes All so when indulgence is in abundance. And so sometimes it decides to let us be. To let us be, not indulged, to not sense a purpose To soak in the remains of what is left... Continue Reading →


A thousand thoughts I’m trying to put to words. Just about the right time for words to fail For prose to give up on me For means of communication to fade away Because a thousand is way too much for catharsis. Those dips in the graph of life Ones that apparently define being alive They... Continue Reading →

Of toxicity

I’m drawn to the unrest you offer like a moth is to flame. Why does the world crave stability and I evade it like the plague Why the chaos of a disturbed mind at midnight is alluring Why after all do I find myself right back where you left me shattered? What is it about... Continue Reading →

One for you

‘Petition to write more poems’, he said. How far would you go to honour someone’s love for you? As far as crossing social boundaries for them? As far as ignoring your own limitations for them? As far as writing more poems for them? How undervalued is love that you can’t reciprocate Because the chaos that... Continue Reading →

Loved the moon

How many do you think loved the moon 'Cz all else who could respond didn't Or really because he is the epitome of beauty from afar & emanates the peaceful aura we all yearn for. How many do you think share their worst secrets with him & assume he loves them just as much in... Continue Reading →

Distorted void  

What if void is the way of the world To feel nothing is in fact the way to be And bodily death is what our souls truly await? What if equilibrium is where eternity resides But we chase chaos in the name of growth What if the true purpose is to be forgotten But to... Continue Reading →

Of impulse

Don't we all voluntarily ascend the stairs of despairOr jump the valleys with spiked floors beneathSpeed through the roads to devastationAnd spread our precious wings to frostbiteJust because 'impulsive' is a great feeling? Is impulse the devil's right hand manFor he comes dressed in garbs of appealEntices and blinds us to the obvious outcomesAnd hazedly... Continue Reading →

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