The friend who went an extra mile

To the friend who went an extra mile To rekindle that lost flame no one noticed was gone In a mind dealing with a thousand things at once For that friend he thought was worth saving. Did I use that good old saying on you That I count you twice when I count my blessings... Continue Reading →

The pickle

The ones we hope would let us go Never do at all And the ones we wish would get as close Hardly even make a move. Why are human relations such pickle Where we end up choosing ones that don’t reciprocate And leave the ones offering the world heartbroken As well as shatter our hearts... Continue Reading →

Do you anymore

Do you miss me like I do Now that you’ve pushed me into giving up All my advances at making you feel Like the universe revolves around you Do you miss me like I do? Do you recall the words of my translated soul That I brought to sentences that can appeal to you Keeping... Continue Reading →

The need of the mind

We assume the needs of the mind are many From love to spirituality to healthy opposition But isn’t the mind’s biggest need a purpose The one thing that puts all else into position? To wake up with a purpose in mind Is the best way to begin a day And to go to bed with... Continue Reading →

Are you one of those?

Are you one of those who love the open sky One who feels the pulse of the rain Believes the moon chases your car And feels it when trees experience pain? One of those who watch the clouds run And has a home garden covering all home Has a pet you believe is a spirit... Continue Reading →

The insanely spiritual

Blessed is a mind that is insanely spiritual. A mind that can find meaning in everything And assume the universe responds to our emotions In the colours of the sky and the direction of the wind. Blessed is that mind which can believe In a circumstance where most tend to break Believe it all happens... Continue Reading →

The morning after the thunderstorm

The morning after the thunderstorm Is like a threshold to salvation For a heart that has yearned it for long It’s like nature’s welcome indication. The morning after the thunderstorm Must be nature’s way of announcing That no matter how rough the going gets It’s never worth the thought of renouncing. The morning after the... Continue Reading →

Each time I stop

Each time I stop The mind goes back to you. Every moment of this phase I strive hard to move on But each time I stop The mind goes back to you. I’ve learnt to trust actions over words So though you say you care Your actions say otherwise So it’s high time I walk... Continue Reading →

The hardest sentence

Isn’t it the worst form of sentence To be loved by many but the one To have enough people make advances But have the one we chase on the run. Each day we wake up to messages That could fill our day with love a lot But rather rouse from bed disappointed That the one... Continue Reading →

Could we let it slide

Could we let it slideFor one moment?For one momentThat could last a lifetimeCould we let the heart get the better of our head? Could we take a breath in& pull each other up close& let the impulse have it's whimsCould we let it slideFor one moment? I'd breathe your ecstacies in& in each other's arms... Continue Reading →

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