The friend who went an extra mile

To the friend who went an extra mile

To rekindle that lost flame no one noticed was gone

In a mind dealing with a thousand things at once

For that friend he thought was worth saving.

Did I use that good old saying on you

That I count you twice when I count my blessings

Because every inch of that extra mile you went

Mattered so much more than I’d care to show.

The abyss that you pulled me from

The one I couldn’t explain though I tried

The one I never even chalked out existed

But you saw and saw the need for that extra mile.

To that friend who always makes time

I wonder what makes me worth that love

Have I been there for you the same way

Or is it something karmic I’d not know now

Yes, in my blessings I count you twice

For it was you that made life seem worth it again

That extra mile you came through each day

Is now my responsibility to make it count.

To every friend out there that travels extra miles

Its you who defines friendship for all times

Its friends like you that make the world better

And friends like you that the world must cherish.


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