The Kissing Booth

This is not a review, but just an experience of watching both parts of this widely popular teenage rom-com. For someone who is rather critical of films owing to my area of work, I sure watch a lot of movies and series from this genre without being critical of them whatsoever, because movies like The Kissing Booth are, for me, the true meaning of ‘movies for entertainment’.

So all that I watch when I watch movies like The Kissing Booth are the seriously good looking characters, the funny and sometimes worth remembering dialogues, the drama of teenage romance and even the light hearted plots. It is extremely easy with this kind of movies to completely overlook the technical elements but nonetheless, the techniques in The Kissing Booth series must be great too because I ended up watching a couple of videos shared by the cast on social media, portraying the filming of the dance sequences.

When it comes to movies of teenage drama and rom-com genres, I am nothing but a simple viewer who watches movies for the purpose of short-lived entertainment. There is a wide category of the movie audience that does not appreciate movies like this, terming them as no-brainers or poor mass appealing content, but I believe that the movie industry must be a combination of all kinds of content. Sure, deep set plots involving advanced making techniques in a movie are fodder for intelligent minds and elevate the standards of cinema but what would we do without entertainment? Movies like The Kissing Booth are good for the mind too, as once in a while they manage to provide us with entertainment that does not force us to look too deep or worry about technique.

In all, I completely support the upcoming sequel to the movies and in fact await its release in 2021. Sure, we could do with little less toxicity in relationships and a little less dramatization of Elle’s insecurities but hey, we stan nonetheless. The Kissing Booth series and almost all recommended movies on Netflix under the same genre are worth every movie lover’s time.


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