Breaking down heartbreaks

A lot of heartbreaks account to one thing if the whole experience is broken down – mental projections of the person who apparently broke our heart. Most times, objective understanding of a situation reveals that the person in question was never deserving of the pedestal we placed them upon. Neither did they equivocally ask for it, nor did they play their role perfectly to earn it. It was us, who interpreted small acts of kindness or compassion, or even attempts to create an impression, to be wonderful personality traits and placed them on our mental high ground. And when one fine day the facade comes crashing down, in our minds it results to be catastrophic, even if in reality it was just a foreseeable, inevitable event.

I believe a lot of us struggle with the process of mentally projecting people that we like into being perfect. Once we place them on a high place, every little thing they do seems amazing and more often than not, their tiny advances are mistaken for love. If the person decides to let us go, it ends up looking unreasonable and confusing, leaving us rather devastated and calculating what went wrong.

Quite obviously, it isn’t an ideal state of mind to be. Mental projections of people around us determine a large extent of our mental stability. It is always advisable to be cautious of how far we are taking people within our minds, and how high a pedestal we are placing them upon. Because if that is far from reality, we fall lower within our minds than we do in real when something goes wrong, and most heartbreaks have this phenomenon to thank.


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