Siri of the Tulu land

(This article was created for and is published in Deccan Herald. The Spectrum supplement has ownership.) Heritage of a land sure represents the advancements of its civilization, but it is also the roadmap to its very roots. Heritage derives from the most natural parts of life and elevates the ordinary into aesthetic and culturally significant.... Continue Reading →

How Jainism explains Time

Time is among the most interesting concepts explained both by science and religion. Jainism especially has one of the most well defined explanations of time, its passage and transitions, which we will try to understand in brief today. As per Jainism, the passage of time is said to happen in a cycle which rotates in... Continue Reading →

Bharatesha Vaibhava

[ This article is the original version of the article 'Censured then, Celebrated now' published in Deccan Herald on 21st February 2020. The editorial board of DH has trimmed the article (as posted below). Following is the article as I had written it. ] ‘Religion’ in India has always been a subject of rather diversified... Continue Reading →

The Chariot led contemplation

People do ask God is everywhere, then why build temples? Why attempt to contain that endless force within the walls of a sanctum when it could as well be felt and revered just anywhere? There’s a point alright. But a lot of times in India we undergo the sort of experiences related to God and... Continue Reading →

Atheist to be or a theist to be

Everyone craves enriching experiences. Sure, some make it happen through bold decisions that ferry them around the world bringing them in touch with wondrous instances, but some like me just turn lucky and let the experiences find us – in this case, find me brooding in front of a computer screen and bent over voluminous... Continue Reading →

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