Loved the moon

How many do you think loved the moon

‘Cz all else who could respond didn’t

Or really because he is the epitome of beauty from afar

& emanates the peaceful aura we all yearn for.

How many do you think share their worst secrets with him

& assume he loves them just as much in silence

That he follows around ‘cz he hears

& they’re after all his most beloved?

How many do you think the moon loves too

Or is tested by to his limits every night

Or perhaps he chooses to remain apathetic to it all

Or in fact he’s as lifeless as the lack of his own light.

Or could he really be listening & loving the mad ones back

His innate glow reflecting in their eyes

Could all the illusions about the moon’s love be real after all

Could he be listening, & sending love in various forms?


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