The bane of awareness

Its an endless succession

Of broken things breaking the rest.

Of clueless minds leaving all else perplexed

And of restless thoughts projecting on unsuspecting friends.

Along the way of life framed by self sabotage

How many do we heave into the abyss of our mind

Those that deserve not to be troubled with our insecurities

But end up in the chaotic whirlpool nonetheless.

Those that cared enough to stop and enquire

Enough to attempt to build us a bridge to the brighter side

Rescue us from the dark depths of our own mind

But instead are now lost in the torrent of incurable desperation.

Oh, to be a broken thing breaking the rest.

To be aware of the repulsive projections we make

And yet be incapable of turning the dark into bright.

Oh, to be plunged into a bottomless pit and tug friends along.


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