8 fairly unacceptable things about rom-coms

I understand to the last bit that rom coms are meant for entertainment only and nothing about them needs to be really practical or realistic. But sometimes you cannot help but end a rom com with a rather unsatisfied note because the freedom to be fairly unrealistic is used for all the wrong reasons. I do not want to name a rom com as such but I thought I could make a list of things I have come across in a number of such movies that are repeatedly employed but are considerably unacceptable.

  1. One of the parties really waits until the last minute to confess what they’ve apparently known all the way through. And this climax we can predict at the very beginning of the movie itself. But the problem with it is that the character that confesses love waits until the very end to selfishly realize it won’t do lose the other one. And the other one happily accepts as though they’ve been waiting for it to happen and there’s really no other purpose for their life.
  2. Leaving a guy at the altar! I don’t know if this happens a lot in America or Britain but it definitely doesn’t happen in India. And it shouldn’t really. Make a decision before you invite your entire family and put up a show, people. And can we even begin to discuss how disrespectful it is for the disregarded groom and his family? It’s cinematographed to be romantic or liberating in the movies but would it be the same if someone actually takes the idea and implements in real?
  3. A group of friends comes together to manipulate a person into or out of their feelings. Because that’s what friends do indeed. But is it acceptable to still, in the 21st century, put forth ideas for manipulation of a person’s feelings when they are naturally directed elsewhere?
  4. Being completely unfair to beautifully written characters because they’re not the lead. For some reason, every supporting character that is brought in as a ‘competitor’ for the lead male character is excellently written. But they simply get the most unfair endings and are written out with undeserved treatment. Why do bad things happen to good people all the time when they’re the second lead!
  5. Creating a character solely to be bullied or mocked. Most movies have this character that is rather unbecoming in terms of looks. They’re too nerdy, too desperate or too shy and the rest of the characters do nothing but overtly ignore them or mock them. And we’re holding on to such character ideas even in the recent movies.
  6. The cool guy who sleeps around and has women falling in love with his Casanova personality left and right. And I cannot say this enough. How does one character manage to hook up with so many women merely because he’s good looking and how does almost every single one of them falls in love with him and wants more than just sex?
  7. A definite fat friend who gets a reasonable ending because you know, she has to. One fat friend in the girl gang is a must. She has eating issues and is mostly dieting vigorously.She has a crush on every other guy. She has some moderately inspiring story revealed at the end because you just have to otherwise the makers would be labelled as body shaming. The character arc she gets isn’t prominent or anything; she’s just there to represent the inclusiveness in the group.
  8. One troubled character does the most terrible things but is forgiven at the end because the lead just has a big heart. The terrible things can go as far as food poisoning the rest of the characters or insultingly sabotaging a bridal shower but it’s all simply forgiven at the end with zero consequence because they were just ‘troubled’. Really?

Sure, it’s all entertainment at the end and we’re here for it. I made this list because these are the few things I see over and over, in almost every single rom com I have seen. It’s time to get a little more innovative maybe.

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