Comparing social media to drugs – how precise is it?

We’ve heard it enough that social media is a drug that has taken down more lives – not necessarily physically – than the actual drug problem. Although what exactly do people mean when they call social media a drug? Is the similarity just drawn because both are equally addictive to a vulnerable mind? As far... Continue Reading →

The fair share of disappointments

One thing that I have seen a lot of people struggle dealing with is disappointments in life. There are very few in the world, or at least around me, who seem to lose control over all they have believed about themselves when something goes the way they did not prefer. Dealing with disappointments in life,... Continue Reading →

Self assurance and relationships

It’s a common human tendency to expect returns for what has been invested. Especially in relationships, most fights occur when one person invests and the other withdraws consistently, without mutual benefit. But honestly, such matters are not given enough emphasis as they hold the potential to completely break a person down. We tend to think... Continue Reading →

The generation of instant fame

I have publicly expressed contempt against ‘a certain social media app’ and its vast user base a number of times and people have retaliated with ‘what do you have against it anyways?’ Many users of this app believe that it is an open platform for creative expression, and all forms of creative expression are good.... Continue Reading →

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