Gravity of religion | Dharmasthala Laksha Deepotsava

The annual Laksha Deepotsava of Dharmasthala began two days ago. It is a phenomenon I’ve experienced only three times so far, but is already a definitive experience. In a number of ways, it validates to me the reasons behind many of the decisions I’ve made in life. Sounds strange, doesn’t it. How can a religious,... Continue Reading →

Too deep to be uprooted.

The communal unrest in the country stirs even the calmest of minds. India has known a fair share of religious conflicts but it feels like the intensity meter keeps heating up instead of turning off. We would expect that with improvements in education and globalization, we would learn to co-exist and learn to define the... Continue Reading →

Breaking shackles of the past

[This article is the original version of the edited article 'On a Cultural Drawbridge' published in Deccan Herald, on 14th of March 2020. Both articles are written by me. Below is a snapshot of the published article.] If India is known to be a country of diversity today, it is because the country welcomed cultures... Continue Reading →

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