Six of my favourite YouTube identities.

I’m guessing the title is quite self explanatory but here’s a small clarification – the following list consists of six names that are personalities turned brands. They’re not celebrities as such but they’ve established themselves into brand identities very strongly representing their niches and that’s what I admire the most about content creators in the world.

Sure, there are plenty more of them but these six have been my absolute personal favourites and not a day goes by without watching at least one of their videos. The list is a combination of educators and entertainers but it goes unsaid that the educators top my list for obvious reasons.

  1. Ali Abdaal

Channel name: Ali Abdaal

Ali Abdaal

Ali is everything that I would define as ‘successful’. Now, I personally incline more towards academic excellence than most deem it important so Ali Abdaal’s personality is all the more appealing to me; as is his approach to life. Productivity and the very practical advances towards it is what his channel is about. He lives what he preaches and the results of his ideals are evident in his videos and on his social media profiles. He’s an idol any ambitious youngster can follow without second thoughts.

2. Shwetabh Gangwar

Channel name: Shwetabh Gangwar (formerly Mensutra)

Shwetabh Gangwar

Shwetabh is the rawest, most candid and outspoken YouTubers I have ever come across. I have my reservations with the popular Indian YouTube community consisting CarryMinati to Beerbiceps and Bhuvan Bam but Shwetabh really stands out. He’s not trying to impress anyone. He puts his logical brain to work when he picks up an issue and addresses the sh*t out of it. Shwetabh has a devoted audience that falls in love with him once and never turns back.

3. Dylan Matthews

Channel name: Dylan is in trouble (formerly Dylan won’t participate)

Dylan is in trouble

Let me put it across that this guy has been one of my biggest crushes ever. He’s an entertainer like no other and it comes from a quite sorted yet twisted personality that is unafraid to put itself out. The supremely intelligent jokes where he also generously makes fun of himself gets you cracking and easily addicted. We’d all want a best friend/partner like Dylan.

4. Neil Patel

Channel name: Neil Patel

Neil Patel

Neil is purely an educator specializing in digital media and is quite notably unparalleled at it. His contents cover the A-Z of the internet world both on Youtube and web content and you wouldn’t have to go to school if you study his contents enough. He’s unbothered about entertaining his audience because his niche is specified to the last bit and he excels with pretty much no competition in it.

5. Nuseir Yassin

Channel name: Nas Daily

Nas Daily

Nas is a familiar name that started off on Facebook and has conquered the internet with content of serious quality. Nas is a divine example for starting your journey from scratch and building an empire out of sheer talent and effort. I don’t even have to explain his brand because if you’re reading this it’s almost guaranteed that you’ve known and loved him.

6. Brad Mondo

Channel name: Brad Mondo

Brad Mondo

One devil of a marketing genius is Brad Mondo and his channels on Facebook and Youtube. He’s a professional hair stylist who shot to international fame thanks to his unbelievably cute, entertaining and endearing personality showcased perfectly in his videos. His videos are mostly entertaining and sometimes informative related to hair care, but enticing every time. How his personality combined with his professional expertise has been sold to build his brand internationally is amazing to me.

There are plenty more of course, like I said. I’ve also admired the likes of Jay Shetty and Radhi Shetty, PewDiePie (of course) and a few comedians who come and go into fame. The above six have remained my constant favourites. They add some value to your time and that’s what wins the game for me. Please feel free to add more/make recommendations.  

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