Why choose spirituality?

Claims that spirituality and the process of ‘finding God’ making people’s lives better have been heard time and again, even from celebrities. It’s been true for me too; spirituality and its tributaries such as religion, God and astrology have contributed heavily to the quality of my life but sometimes I question why it works after... Continue Reading →

Best ever game

There stands an irony amused at itself That the world’s best man made arts Have in some way derived from pain. For all the quests for happiness man embarks upon Isn’t it the most amusing fact that Pain is what brings out his truest, most raw form. Pain somehow adds layers to a painter’s brush... Continue Reading →

Stories of the sky

How much do you think the sky hears in a day With nowhere else to go but the infinity within itself How much do you think it stands patiently witnessing And how do you think it yet reflects only the good? From prayers for someone else to murders From dancing in the rain to tears... Continue Reading →

Asking the atheist

I wonder if the atheist ever seeks meaning to life Beyond his mundane acts of survival he’s obliged to follow And in the many circumstances that are way beyond his control I wonder if an atheist ever questions the purpose of all he does in life. Forgoing the millennia worth of religions and Godly constructs... Continue Reading →

Last night, I watched a thunderstorm.

Last night, I watched a thunderstorm. At middle night when the thunder rumbled And the winds began howling like the end of the world I stepped out and watched that dangerous ballet of nature. I stepped out to slip on the drenched floor To regain my control only to lose it again In the storm... Continue Reading →

Are you one of those?

Are you one of those who love the open sky One who feels the pulse of the rain Believes the moon chases your car And feels it when trees experience pain? One of those who watch the clouds run And has a home garden covering all home Has a pet you believe is a spirit... Continue Reading →

The insanely spiritual

Blessed is a mind that is insanely spiritual. A mind that can find meaning in everything And assume the universe responds to our emotions In the colours of the sky and the direction of the wind. Blessed is that mind which can believe In a circumstance where most tend to break Believe it all happens... Continue Reading →

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