One mistake content creators must avoid  

Writing, or any form of content creation for that matter is way more challenging than it seems – especially when the creator is his/her own harshest critic and has a keen eye for detail. I belong to the category of writers who aren’t easily satisfied with their own work and aren’t at all the type... Continue Reading →

Patterns of outrage against rape

Rape is a disgusting, blotting reality on humanity that actually has neither an appropriate punishment nor retribution. If a human being cannot sympathize with the horrors of the moments that a girl undergoes while she is raped, he or them are incapable of any form of compassion and no punishment can change that. Which is... Continue Reading →

The suicide story

Last evening I stumbled upon a news report that spoke about a teenager in Noida, India, who ended his life because he could not get enough ‘likes’ on Tiktok. And I said to myself, this guy must have discovered the world’s thinnest reason to end life if this report is to be completely believed. I... Continue Reading →

Quarantine realizations

The world sliding into the biggest quarantine experienced by far is smoking out a number of different realizations for different people.  While a lot of people are scared of the economic devastation that is to follow, a lot of us are glad that nature is healing big time in the absence of people. But I... Continue Reading →

The generation of instant fame

I have publicly expressed contempt against ‘a certain social media app’ and its vast user base a number of times and people have retaliated with ‘what do you have against it anyways?’ Many users of this app believe that it is an open platform for creative expression, and all forms of creative expression are good.... Continue Reading →

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