On the receiving end of narcissism

I cannot remember where I know it from, but I had learnt it somewhere that narcissists always create the best first impressions. Or the first few, to be specific. They want us to like them and reflect their self worth back at them, which is why they are extra nice and extra caring during their... Continue Reading →

An important human trait most people lack

Success and subjective accomplishments see a number of obstacles on the way. But for someone determined to do good in whatever matters to them, technical challenges are actually blessings in disguise because they make us better and better. But what is harder to deal with is the knowledge that there are breathing people who might... Continue Reading →

The generation of instant fame

I have publicly expressed contempt against ‘a certain social media app’ and its vast user base a number of times and people have retaliated with ‘what do you have against it anyways?’ Many users of this app believe that it is an open platform for creative expression, and all forms of creative expression are good.... Continue Reading →

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