‘Naticharami’- A change in wind for Kannada cinema

  (This critique is published at and owned by E-Cine India, September 2021. ISSN - 2582-2500. Authored by yours truly.) Mansore decided to push the boundaries of an entire film industry that did not affirm to him its readiness for content beyond its traditional penchant when he made Naticharami. Kannada film industry has had its... Continue Reading →

Tulip Fever – Subtle yet fierce

Another one of those movies that make you never rely on critics’ reviews. Tulip Fever is a movie based in the seventeenth century whose storyline very well resonates in the 21st. A critic went as far as calling the movie tone-deaf; and I must either be a viewer uncomprehending of movie standards, or the review... Continue Reading →

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