The difference in being aware v/s apologetic of your roots

Most times when I try to address a topic that is even remotely connected to culture or religion, I give it at least 10 thoughts before posting anything on social media or making a public statement. While on the one hand it is true that I do not want to offend anyone by making statements... Continue Reading →

Patterns of outrage against rape

Rape is a disgusting, blotting reality on humanity that actually has neither an appropriate punishment nor retribution. If a human being cannot sympathize with the horrors of the moments that a girl undergoes while she is raped, he or them are incapable of any form of compassion and no punishment can change that. Which is... Continue Reading →

Breaking down heartbreaks

A lot of heartbreaks account to one thing if the whole experience is broken down – mental projections of the person who apparently broke our heart. Most times, objective understanding of a situation reveals that the person in question was never deserving of the pedestal we placed them upon. Neither did they equivocally ask for... Continue Reading →

When burning bridges is the best option

A lot of thumb rules prevail when it comes to relationships; all kinds of relationships. ‘Never burn bridges’ is one of them I have come across a lot. Almost every other day, I come across people who cannot stand other people but will never confront them because who knows, one day or another they might... Continue Reading →

Why do we tend to love sociopaths?

After binge watching and being a hardcore fan of series like Sherlock, Money Heist and their likes, I’ve noticed that there is a strong pattern notable within the fan community. Also as a personal experience, I’ve noticed that we tend to fall madly in love with sociopathic characters created in such series, even more than... Continue Reading →

The delusions of a love story

Oftentimes when we fall in love with someone, there is a factor within our mind that intensifies the entire process. That factor, what I like to call the delusions of a love story ends up causing more harm than a relationship can when things go downhill, or there are no responses from the other end... Continue Reading →

The indispensable virtue behind success

Success stories are something we all love. But if we try boiling down every success story in the entire planet to one facilitative factor – I believe it comes down to a two-word virtue. No matter how hard I try, I’ve not succeeded in alienating any success story I know from this factor. Self discipline.... Continue Reading →

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