Alluring call

Deny not an alluring call of an evening Despite the sinking feeling keeping you in Push your gut and move into the bliss of a sunset. Even when the feet deny the weight of your body And the heavy feeling drags you into the dark corner Deny not the allure of an orange evening. Sometimes,... Continue Reading →

Are you one of those?

Are you one of those who love the open sky One who feels the pulse of the rain Believes the moon chases your car And feels it when trees experience pain? One of those who watch the clouds run And has a home garden covering all home Has a pet you believe is a spirit... Continue Reading →

The insanely spiritual

Blessed is a mind that is insanely spiritual. A mind that can find meaning in everything And assume the universe responds to our emotions In the colours of the sky and the direction of the wind. Blessed is that mind which can believe In a circumstance where most tend to break Believe it all happens... Continue Reading →

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