Maheshinte Prathikaaram – the extremity of realism

I don’t exactly make new year resolutions but the one to be binging on Malayalam movies in 2021 was made under the much welcome recommendations of a student who has breathed down my neck about it. I’ve watched just one Malayalam movie so far and that is Kumbalangi Nights, criticising which I managed to win... Continue Reading →

Indian Cinema and the Academy Awards

One of my students asked me to discuss this topic in class, and I assume it came from the then relevant Bollywood controversy centring the ace music director AR Rahman. The loved musician, commonly known for his dignified and calm demeanour, ended up tweeting against the Bollywood lobby that has been trying to defame him,... Continue Reading →

The best thing about Bollywood movies

I belong that category of people who have a lot to criticise about Bollywood cinema. And there’s no disapproving that category – there is in fact quite a lot of things we can pick out as wrong or unnatural when it comes to Hindi cinema. However, it doesn’t rule out the fact that there are... Continue Reading →

Bohemian Rhapsody

Impersonating a legendary figure years after his death in a manner that reminds all viewers of him is definitely a testimony to the acting abilities of an actor. Bohemian Rhapsody, as far as I could see, was a lot about Rami Malek and his incredible impersonation of Freddie Mercury. And then, all about Freddie Mercury.... Continue Reading →

Mission Mangal – A big opportunity missed out

When Bollywood makes movies based on Indian accomplishment stories, they’re generally much awaited despite the fact that the entire viewer base already knows the entire story. Regardless, we love to cherish the country’s accomplishments and are willing to pay to watch a story retold in a visually elaborate manner. It makes us feel like we’re... Continue Reading →

Tulip Fever – Subtle yet fierce

Another one of those movies that make you never rely on critics’ reviews. Tulip Fever is a movie based in the seventeenth century whose storyline very well resonates in the 21st. A critic went as far as calling the movie tone-deaf; and I must either be a viewer uncomprehending of movie standards, or the review... Continue Reading →

ASN and the Rakshit Shetty factor

There’s an elephant we have to get out of the room while talking about Rakshit Shetty movies – ‘it’s different.’ That’s precisely why the Shetty team of the Kannada industry has rose from zero to a clean hundred in a relatively short time. They look good on screen and they do things differently. Kannada film... Continue Reading →

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