Sometimes | Movie review | Prakash Rai | Priyadarshan

In the quest of finding the extraordinary in the mundane, how mundane can you go? How far can you stretch your observation skill to grasp and depict the most intricate of human behavioural patterns? How varied and indulging, after all, can realism be? ‘Sometimes’ by Priyadarshan is perhaps as far as things go in terms... Continue Reading →

Bohemian Rhapsody

Impersonating a legendary figure years after his death in a manner that reminds all viewers of him is definitely a testimony to the acting abilities of an actor. Bohemian Rhapsody, as far as I could see, was a lot about Rami Malek and his incredible impersonation of Freddie Mercury. And then, all about Freddie Mercury.... Continue Reading →

Tulip Fever – Subtle yet fierce

Another one of those movies that make you never rely on critics’ reviews. Tulip Fever is a movie based in the seventeenth century whose storyline very well resonates in the 21st. A critic went as far as calling the movie tone-deaf; and I must either be a viewer uncomprehending of movie standards, or the review... Continue Reading →

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