Revisiting Kal Ho Na Ho – Summarizing Bollywood in one film

I ended up re-watching Kal Ho Na Ho after a long time lately, just to relive the so titled classic of Bollywood. To be honest, I have been a fan of that era of Bollywood movies when Shah Rukh Khan was at the peak of his career and romantic Bollywood movies were everything a teenage... Continue Reading →

The best thing about Bollywood movies

I belong that category of people who have a lot to criticise about Bollywood cinema. And there’s no disapproving that category – there is in fact quite a lot of things we can pick out as wrong or unnatural when it comes to Hindi cinema. However, it doesn’t rule out the fact that there are... Continue Reading →

Mission Mangal – A big opportunity missed out

When Bollywood makes movies based on Indian accomplishment stories, they’re generally much awaited despite the fact that the entire viewer base already knows the entire story. Regardless, we love to cherish the country’s accomplishments and are willing to pay to watch a story retold in a visually elaborate manner. It makes us feel like we’re... Continue Reading →

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