The Boy in Striped Pyjamas | A misleading experience

The Boy in Striped Pyjamas was amongst the simplest and beautiful books I ever read, that turned out to be the most misleading one after some research. There are controversial books like the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown and others that get banned and whatnot because the author apparently attempts an attack on something... Continue Reading →

Where shall we go this summer by Anita Desai

One of the most challenging things for a writer is to keep a reader hooked to the end when you’re narrating a flow of conscience. I guess, most writers who have been successful in this haven’t cared about keeping a reader hooked at all. Having to make things ‘entertaining’ or ‘engaging’ often compromises the intensity... Continue Reading →

Book review – Prodigal Son

Sometimes all a literature enthusiast needs is an indulging story that keeps her glued to the book until the end. To narrate a captivating story without falling prey to the urges of including too many literary elements is an impressive skill for me, especially for seasoned writers like Danielle Steel who is arguably a master... Continue Reading →

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