Here’s why a piece of your answer paper does decide your future

Entering the academic sector is like entering a channel that has holes cut out every few inches through where unfavourable opinions and temptations flood in, having irreversibly contaminated the sector over the years. The Bollywood idea of studies and academics being the opposite of ‘life’ has imprinted itself in the minds of students and irrational... Continue Reading →

Asking the atheist

I wonder if the atheist ever seeks meaning to life Beyond his mundane acts of survival he’s obliged to follow And in the many circumstances that are way beyond his control I wonder if an atheist ever questions the purpose of all he does in life. Forgoing the millennia worth of religions and Godly constructs... Continue Reading →

Book review – Prodigal Son

Sometimes all a literature enthusiast needs is an indulging story that keeps her glued to the book until the end. To narrate a captivating story without falling prey to the urges of including too many literary elements is an impressive skill for me, especially for seasoned writers like Danielle Steel who is arguably a master... Continue Reading →

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