Comical riot of a series – must watch movie series on Netflix

I didn’t realize it had been a while since I had literally laughed out loud and evidently enjoyed a movie because I’ve been hung up on period dramas and old romantic movies for a while. I’ve hardly been one to thoroughly enjoy modern day comedies or rom-coms unless I’ve only watched them to unwind. Sure,... Continue Reading →

Six of my favourite YouTube identities.

I’m guessing the title is quite self explanatory but here’s a small clarification – the following list consists of six names that are personalities turned brands. They’re not celebrities as such but they’ve established themselves into brand identities very strongly representing their niches and that’s what I admire the most about content creators in the... Continue Reading →

You & me

The enchantment of letting my guard down Endlessly obsessing over dreams unbound The fantasy of being safe in your arms Even when the reality of it is way far along. The consuming thoughts of you all day long Those untold projections of a heart to heart Constant anticipation of your words and songs And the... Continue Reading →

Two most enticing European period dramas

Period drama movies are for me the most addictive kind of movies. You watch one or two period dramas on Netflix and then you only look for more options like them on your OTT. The appeal of historic recreations is unmatched in any other kind of movie. Dramatization of historic events and their romantic presentation... Continue Reading →

On our own?

Do you believe we’re all on our own After claiming we haven’t learnt a fragment of what’s out there In space, in water and even beyond For all the claims of limited knowing that we make Do you still believe we’re just on our own? Do you believe in the endless wild of the universe... Continue Reading →

Journal entry – accumulated personality

Somedays, you wake up thanking yourself for having pushed yourself to complete things in the past. For having pushed through when your mind did not want to. Little things like completing boring assignments and submitting them on time. Like studying a subject that you knew you would never again venture into in your life again.... Continue Reading →

Best ever game

There stands an irony amused at itself That the world’s best man made arts Have in some way derived from pain. For all the quests for happiness man embarks upon Isn’t it the most amusing fact that Pain is what brings out his truest, most raw form. Pain somehow adds layers to a painter’s brush... Continue Reading →

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