The morning after the thunderstorm

The morning after the thunderstorm Is like a threshold to salvation For a heart that has yearned it for long It’s like nature’s welcome indication. The morning after the thunderstorm Must be nature’s way of announcing That no matter how rough the going gets It’s never worth the thought of renouncing. The morning after the... Continue Reading →

The undeserved pedestal

I put you on a pedestal you didn’t deserve to stand on. Because I fell in love with you Because I assumed you loved me too I put you on a pedestal you didn’t deserve to stand on. I looked up to see a divine being That brought happiness and bliss And in delusion that... Continue Reading →

Each time I stop

Each time I stop The mind goes back to you. Every moment of this phase I strive hard to move on But each time I stop The mind goes back to you. I’ve learnt to trust actions over words So though you say you care Your actions say otherwise So it’s high time I walk... Continue Reading →

The hardest sentence

Isn’t it the worst form of sentence To be loved by many but the one To have enough people make advances But have the one we chase on the run. Each day we wake up to messages That could fill our day with love a lot But rather rouse from bed disappointed That the one... Continue Reading →

Could we let it slide

Could we let it slideFor one moment?For one momentThat could last a lifetimeCould we let the heart get the better of our head? Could we take a breath in& pull each other up close& let the impulse have it's whimsCould we let it slideFor one moment? I'd breathe your ecstacies in& in each other's arms... Continue Reading →

Extrovert in love with the introvert

Extroverts are most times underratedWhen it comes to emotional essenceThey say we don't really feel as muchAnd that's why we go on speaking nuisance. God forbid we fall in love with an introvertAnd the struggles of a whole new level unveilIt takes twice as much the effortTo convey to them the intensity of what we... Continue Reading →

All this time…

When you came in at first I didn’t think you’d come along so far The first time we met Wasn’t even the filmy romantic sort. But here we are living acknowledging Life’s wondrous unpredictability The one that had promised a lifetime of togetherness Left me on my own to explore eternity.  I don’t say I’m... Continue Reading →

The struggle we all know

We all struggle with moving on. Plenty of fish in the sea and plenty of advisors when heartbroken But the pain shoots back the moment they turn around. And in solitude, we all struggle with moving on. The world could lend its love and consolations And assure we’re worth so much more There could be... Continue Reading →

The lesson we loath

I see how heartbreak teaches more of life Even though it’s a lesson we all loath And I wonder why God decided Broken hearts are a necessity for real growth. Wouldn’t the world be so much happier If learning came from love and success We’d learn to protect what mattered In place of mourning denied... Continue Reading →

Of the island and the sea

Scary, yet comforting this feels Maybe like a lone island feels in a sea Like I might drown in you Or in secret, you’d protect me. Can’t let the world realize That the sea holds the island deeper than they know And each time its waves crash the shore The island melts in love a... Continue Reading →

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