On our own?

Do you believe we’re all on our own After claiming we haven’t learnt a fragment of what’s out there In space, in water and even beyond For all the claims of limited knowing that we make Do you still believe we’re just on our own? Do you believe in the endless wild of the universe... Continue Reading →

Breaking shackles of the past

[This article is the original version of the edited article 'On a Cultural Drawbridge' published in Deccan Herald, on 14th of March 2020. Both articles are written by me. Below is a snapshot of the published article.] If India is known to be a country of diversity today, it is because the country welcomed cultures... Continue Reading →

The unsung hero

The Mastakabhisheka that took place at Dharmasthala in February 2019 opened doors to a treasure of information from the past concerning the 39 feet tall colossus. Though it was all an enchantment like no other; the more I read about the journey of the statue, the more I grew interested about one person in particular.... Continue Reading →

Fiercely beautiful

This article of mine was published in Deccan Herald Spectrum, in occasion of Holi. If asked to pick the best factor about traditions and cultures of India, it would feel like picking droplets from an ocean, but I’d say that it is the fact that we celebrate even the smallest matters of importance with unimagined... Continue Reading →

The folklore stronghold

This article of mine was published in Spectrum, Deccan Herald, on account of International Women's Day. Photos by Anoop Soorinje, Beauty of Tulunad. No force ever draws and sustains a social system as much as empowered, creative and radical women who constitute it. This can be confidently claimed to be true in context of Tulunadu,... Continue Reading →

Holding up the green cover

I’ve been an admiring follower of a well-known environmentalist from Coastal Karnataka named Dinesh Holla, whose lone quest for the conservation of Western Ghats makes me believe he is the real hero we all need to look up to. For nearly a decade now, he has been voicing the causes of nature and proposing means... Continue Reading →

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