An ode to the ‘almost anonymous’

In arrived a pen pal of the digital age

And now there’s an unlikely friendship I cherish.

I know not his necessary whereabouts

But perhaps God thought I needed the guardian accomplice.

Amidst the essential deliberation

He throws in a few existential questions  

Ones I’ve never ventured to answer; for

I’ve dared not expand our horizon

Beyond the digital workspace that connects us.

Your soul tribe finds its eccentric ways to you

And attempts to grasp within through screens.

Somehow your identity isn’t anymore a true mystery

So connections are more seamless than they’ve ever been.

He sees, really does, and connects easy.

He wonders, asks and subtly demands reflective answers.

Do you allow?

Do you allow hands from miles away to unfurl your being?

Grant them access to the turmoil within that doesn’t project on digital screens?

Tell them your profession isn’t as easy as you make it seem

Your writing isn’t as accomplished as it should be

And your words are not as consistent as you’d like them to be?

Dear stranger who’s guarded a professional interest,

How far down my defences do I allow you?

A guardian angel that’s too good to confine into a screen

You’re an interesting entity that adds to my life.

But how much of me can I introduce to you?

Your attention is of value.

Your enquiry into my whereabouts is flattering.

As easy as it is to digitally elucidate me to you

The ‘almost anonymous’ is what makes you, you.


2 thoughts on “An ode to the ‘almost anonymous’

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  1. The ‘almost anonymous’ is what makes you, you.

    Call me a new-age hopeless romantic, but I always dream about getting an ‘almost anonymous’ to myself like this. But I haven’t been lucky. In fact, I have managed to be anonymous to a bunch of people; that’s there. It’s so baffling that we let our guards down rather to a stranger than to our close ones at some points in our lives!

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