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This blog was incepted as a platform for my ideas to take the form of expressions. Over time, I have documented a number of notable experiences that I have come across in life on this platform. More or less, this blog is a biographic one.

So I recently decided that like there are layers to my personality there must be layers to this blog as well. Sure, I have made a number of categories such as poetry, movies, art and insights, journal entries, etc but a major part of my life has been left out from this platform. It’s about time that I include that part as well. For a long time I have struggled with giving this part of my life a structured format through which it can be presented on this particular digital platform. And now I feel like I am at a juncture where it can be accomplished. I don’t know if the idea will manifest as concretely as it is in my mind at this point, but I’m willing to try anyways.

This part of my life is academics. It’s not a very interesting topic for most people, but for the ones who understand its value it is as enticing as any other. Most of the ambitions that I have in life pertain to this domain. Over the years my understanding of this realm has grown, as has my love for it. There have also been times where I have displayed some very fundamental behaviour and judged people for not paying the academic realm the respects that it is due. It is unacceptable to me that the academic field is one of the most misunderstood, misrepresented and mocked fields in the world. It is tiring to watch popular culture degrade academics and label the ones inclined to it ‘nerds’ or ‘un-happening’ or such mocking names.

Bigger picture aside. I am in no position to make a drastic change in the world, atleast not yet. In fact I am located in a rural part of India where the opportunities for anything is limited, including academics. Regardless, I feel like I can document my journey through it and it might be of some use for someone, somewhere down the line. Even if one person can connect to my journey and find some value in it, the whole process will be worth it. That is the intention behind including this new category on my blog, that; and to document the fulfilment of taking slow but steady steps in this realm. So, happy beginnings to me.

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