Loser’s rant

Does everyone come to terms with lower standards eventually?

Or is it just the constantly dejected few?

Does everyone realize at some point that life doesn’t at all give everything?

Or are we after all to die trying?

I did not assume there’s more to the world than dreams and ambitions.

Flesh and blood would have given up a long time ago

Physics and geography would have ceased to be important

If not for the minds that leveraged them to make dreams come true.

And yet, dreams and ambitions remain the distant holy grail of humanity.

The cause of all elation and the cause of all misery.

We try, but what happens when we lose hope in them?

What happens when their evasiveness is too much to pursue?

Are there many in the world who’ve chased and reached their highest selves?

Or are we all shards of broken menageries barely coping?

Coping, and perhaps pretending.

Have we all come to terms with impossibilities?

Or perhaps its just me.

One thought on “Loser’s rant

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  1. Sometimes acceptance is success, as you recognise where you are isn’t bad at all. The nature of the human mind will always think pastures maybe greener elsewhere, a new field, a new approach, but pastures may also hide weeds and danger. Comfort can come with boredom and risk can come with stress. Feeling happy I think is that ultimate dream. To each of us that will look like, and mean something different 🙂


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