A thousand thoughts I’m trying to put to words.

Just about the right time for words to fail

For prose to give up on me

For means of communication to fade away

Because a thousand is way too much for catharsis.

Those dips in the graph of life

Ones that apparently define being alive

They don’t take it easy on you, do they.

They don’t flinch from thrusting you into the darkest corners of existence.

But what have you seen after all

If you haven’t gotten to the darkest pits of your mind

What is the day’s sunshine worth

If not for the grave intensity of the night?

They don’t take it easy alright.

But they last not forever

And when we make it through and manage to smile

The scars end up becoming a matter of pride.

The stories make up the world’s cache of inspiration

And the cries for help have strengthened our voice.

It’s not so bad after all.


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