Most amazing books ever written?

Non-fiction was never catchy enough for me until I ventured into ‘Sapiens’ by Yuval Harrari. The hype around it being a compendium of humankind’s evolutionary journey to its today’s form is not false at all. For a common reader who often gets obsessed with popular writers’ genius, Yuval Harrari took very little time to become my hero. A larger than life topic and an insanely elaborate approach to it is how I’d define his book series – Sapiens, Homo Deus and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century.

There are many things about these books that amaze me. It offers a perspective on the entire existence as we know it today. What amazes me the most, however, is the thought behind the books that may have inspired Harrari to begin writing them. Could he possibly have thought “Let me just, write about everything there is”, and dove in?

Yuval Noah Harrari
Yuval Harrari

It’s a mammoth task that has definitely taken years and years of research, writing, re-writing and materializing. The decision to venture into such a topic in itself is an accomplishment for me. With the experts of the world getting into impossibly micro areas, Harrari went macro and how. He tells us how we have ended up where we are today, where we could be towards the end of this century and what best we can do about the world that is drastically metamorphosizing around us. A macro view of the world like that is a rare gift that Harrari has received and shared with us.

I’m not qualified to be presenting a review or a critique. But I think Yuval Harrari’s book series are among the best ones ever written. A few books offer a world view that feel defining for us. ‘Sapiens’ is one of them. It’s no philosophy; it is instead a historical account of what went down the centuries that humankind used to conquer the world. The story of homo sapiens is better than any fictional story ever narrated.

Harrari’s books qualify to the top position of books that everyone must read at least once in a lifetime. You’re missing on a whole lot of perspectives if you haven’t read it by now. For me, these books have been the best I’ve come across by far.

You can buy Sapiens here


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