The Bold Type | Netflix

Women centric shows with woke, success oriented and romantic themes are naturally and wildly popular. The idea of young women being rebellious, beautiful and successful while living through heartbreaks and love interests in an urban setup is a time tested backdrop for a long web series. Throw in some political references here and there, some socially impactful ideas and keep the lead characters tightly knit through their cat fights and epiphanies. There, you have your blockbuster recipe.

Although it’s definitely not as easy as it sounds. The Bold Type on Netflix does include all the above mentioned ingredients that could easily be mapped out to be cliché requirements of a modern-day women centric show; and yet manages to somehow stand out and be unpredictable and indulging. Sure, the motifs of the three lead characters – Jane, Kat and Sutton going through very similar life experiences at quite the same time is quite traceable to the experienced eye; but the storyline sure keeps the viewer hooked to the show. The writers have introduced some influential female characters in the periphery of the lead ones as well, making the show largely female dominated and hence appealing to the female tastes as well.

While the lives of the three young girls aspiring and making it large in the glamour world is inspiring, The Bold Type still refrains from taking major risks or throwing hard balls at its characters. It’s more about the shiny world and its shiny problems – all a part of the hyper realistic entertainment world that makes the common audience aspire and remain hooked to the end.

The Bold Type follows a pattern and succeeds. The challenge with creating web series of this sort is to create new characters and new sequences of conflict – which the writers have done reasonably well. One character is a writer, another a fashionishta and another a social media savvy. Their images and ideas sure are benchmarks that young women can aspire to reach; but like with any series of this type, it is important that we take what The Bold Type intends to teach with a pinch of salt.


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