One fleeting moment

Could she tell you a little story
That’ll annoy you but you’ll listen anyway
‘Cz you know this girl loves you
So you put up with her banter everyday
Can she tell you a silly last story
Before she has to let you away?

Would you protect her heart just another day
Like you did for so long until today
Through her constant issues & demands
‘Cz you know she loves your tough ways
Would you handle as again her moods sway
Before she has to let you away?

Those little moments of undefended laughter
Perhaps grant her bits of it again?
Close to heart she’ll hold those moments
Before your memories she has to drain
One final luxury of your presence then
Before she has to let you away?

Few more of your pranks and nonsense
All that she loved with all her strength
Would you tell her you liked it too
& that she wasn’t all mad and intense?
All she did for proximity to you
Tell her it wasn’t why you kept her at arm’s length?

For one fleeting moment would you love her too,
Before she has to let you away?


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