The art of heartless characters | Money Heist | Netflix

Of course I’m taken in by the Money Heist fandom and I’ve written about it before during the previous seasons. Season 5 is around now and all expectations that we had about the story proceeding, action sequences taking off and character arcs developing have seen significant progress; making all of us happy.

As much as we hate to see the old characters go, we actually are also sceptical about new characters added to a flow that we have gotten so comfortable with. They added Gandiya last season and boy, did he turn the world upside down. And then there was Alicia Sierra and Tamayo who we equally hated. This time however, things have changed and the new additions have blended in extremely well to make way for the heist to get so much more action oriented and exciting. In my head, Alicia and Sagasta have been hogging all the limelight.

Heartless, intense characters aren’t new, especially in action series/movies. They’re cold, they’re indifferent to any form of emotional display and they’re radically independent in their actions – even if bound by strict law. Alicia and Sagasta are precisely that. I wouldn’t know much; but writing such characters feels like a difficult task because the image is not simply convincing without a back story. And to form a back story that justifies the level of coldness that Alicia and Sagasta display is no short of a challenge. The characters must stay true to themselves within the framework of the story while accommodating their larger than life ego or eccentricity that drives the plot to unexpected places. A number of characters in Money Heist manage to do that – hardly any of them other than the Professor is grounded.

A widowed, heavily pregnant torture specialist and a highly experienced secret missions’ soldier with his ruthless team did push the extremities of Money Heist this season. One had to literally let the man she sought to arrest deliver her child in the middle of a heist and another has kept the audiences anxious about complete failure of the Professor’s plan. People behind Money Heist sure as hell know to create and make the right additions to a story that has garnered so much attention around the world that now it would cost dearly to go even slightly wrong. And they’ve done it right – one of the many successes of the series. Intense, eccentrically strong characters are something that always catch my attention and they have in this series as well. I cannot wait to see where they take the plot towards the end.


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