Fire that for ages consumed every element in existence

Every little thing flammable and every massive one not

Sparing not one thing in the way no matter how essential

Do tell, did you find the one that satisfied your hunger?

Thriving through levels and levels of devastation

Claiming every last bit of what the world has ever offered

From bodies without a soul to souls sold for pleasure

Do tell, have you found the one that truly tames your hunger?

Through all that unyielding power you terrify the world with

Some subtle instances where you let humankind wield you with

Through those endearing moments you light the world with

Do tell, have you found the moment that fulfils you within?

Taking every form possible in all universe

From annihilating to assisting to warming to protecting

The living element considered the supremely powerful of them all

Do tell, is your being the paramount form of existence?

Or is it the biggest paradigm of inexistence of fulfilment?


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