Why choose spirituality?

Claims that spirituality and the process of ‘finding God’ making people’s lives better have been heard time and again, even from celebrities. It’s been true for me too; spirituality and its tributaries such as religion, God and astrology have contributed heavily to the quality of my life but sometimes I question why it works after all.

There are plenty of people out there who oppose spirituality and call it humbug. They’ve had their reasons for sure – but I believe those reasons have oriented more from religious aspects than spirituality. Also, one non-believer category even says that spirituality and associated ideals are for the lazy and incapable – because only such people need to place some intangible element in control of their lives; and not themselves.

Let’s agree to it all and move on. Spirituality works mainly on the concepts of acceptance of the present in good spirits and faith in the process of an evolving future. It’s definitely not as simple as it sounds. It takes years of training and grounding of personality to be able to accept the present, no matter how happy or painful, in the best spirit possible. To be able to believe that there is a purpose behind everything that happens in life and that the future holds the best in times of desperation is a much bigger challenge. To put it simply, spirituality requires you to let go of control of the external world and that is harder than anyone might claim it to be. So the idea that spirituality is an escapade for the weak is made by ones who are simply used to being in control of the external world and take it sorely when things do not go their way.

Why it works? Solely because a grounded mind does not attempt to control things and believes that everything happens for a reason; and better things are on the way. Once attained, it’s the most peaceful state of being. We do all we can towards fulfilling a desire but are not attached to the outcome of it. And great things do come our way because our faith works in surreal ways.

The process of training your mind to adhere to the terms of spirituality is in itself rewarding. It inculcates a self discipline that can take you places. It lifts fogs and clears sights. And letting go of control and believing that a higher power is in the driving seat is as liberating as life gets. For the ones that like to be in control, however; they’d cringe on this idea but spirituality teaches a kind of control that is way more efficient than anything the tangible world can offer.   


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