Caught a Netflix show with a ruthlessly admirable script

We’d have different parameters to classifying a show/movie into our favourite list. While I have a couple of things I look for to categorize them, generally the ones that don’t flinch from executing ruthless, edgy scripts are my easy favourites. I’ve watched enough of them to begin predicting what happens next in most cases but there are plenty of shows out there that do manage to surprise even the likes of me. And one I’ve recently come to like is Dynasty on Netflix.

Before you raise an eyebrow if you’ve already watched it – yes, I do know that the plot is super cliché and lingers very much on the edge of stereotypical. And like I said, I ended up predicting a lot of things even before they began hinting at plot twists because we’ve seen such things plenty of times before. A super rich family with twisted, obnoxious children, a dominant father who’s sometimes the hero and sometimes the villain, people attacking this ridiculously rich family because they’ve been targeted by them in the past, a gay son and a narcissistic daughter having an affair with the driver….a young second wife and a sternly loyal employee. Throw in as many twists and turns as you possibly can on this family and they’ll come out victorious towards the end. The writers will sacrifice one or two well written characters along the way to make it a little more believable.

I’ve seen it all too but Dynasty sure has a pull to it which has made it an international favourite. While the plots are pretty much confined to the super rich world, the good old technique of people within the world making fun of themselves and their filthy rich status is still successful here.  The protagonist and antagonist character arcs playing out in every single character from time to time works excellently as well. New characters introduced usually have predictable arcs but are intelligently introduced and embedded into the existent fabric; none of them seeming like forced attempts at keeping up the momentum. And what’s best? The cliff hangers where some character hits a rock bottom or an antagonist gains some ruthless upper hand. You just cannot refrain from binge watching the show.

Dynasty does not flinch from throwing hard balls at its best characters and that’s what makes it amazing. No one is a hero and hardly anyone is a villain throughout. They don’t go easy on our favourite characters and don’t leave questions unanswered. (except for some lifestyle ones but we’ll let those go)

When you write a show that has to go on for as long as Dynasty has and its based on a plot that the world has known before, it’s easy to screw up and get redundant towards the end but this one truly has managed to keep the momentum. It’s definitely not an easy script to execute or cast (especially with so many replacements) but they’ve done a fabulous job at it.


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